Anonymous donor gave a Alabama town a check for a new police car — 2020


A police department in Madison, Alabama, got a huge surprise this week from a very generous donor.

At a city council meeting Monday night, Mayor Paul Finley said he received a letter from someone who wanted to offer their support to the city’s police department

The letter, dated June 18, read:

Dear Mayor Finley,

Please see enclosed check in the amount of $50,000.00 to be earmarked to purchase and equip a new police car for the City of Madison. While I would like to remain anonymous, I would ask that it be made public that a citizen of Madison had the desire to show support to our Police Department and thank them for their service.

Sincerely yours,

Anonymous Donor.

Monday, the department shared a photo of an officer with a police vehicle and thanked the anonymous individual for their gift:

“The Madison Police Department is dedicated to protecting and serving our community to the highest standard attainable. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life of every citizen through professional police services,” the department’s website read.

Later, city officials said they wanted to publicly express their gratitude for the donation that would help the officers better protect the community.

“I find myself frequently referencing the City mission statement: ‘Our mission is to provide excellent services through responsible use of public resources, enhancing the quality of life for our community,” Mayor Finley noted.

“We are exceptionally grateful for this donation and assure our citizens that it will be used as requested,” he concluded.

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