Boy Stops Police Officer at Bus Stop, Asks Her to Pray With Him: ‘Be That Positive Light’ — 2021

A Kentucky boy on his way to school brightened a patrolling officer’s day when he stopped her at a bus stop and asked her to pray with him.

The officer didn’t catch the little boy’s name and doesn’t know where he lives, but his gesture made a lasting impact.

On patrol the officer takes time to visit kids before school. This fella asked her to pray for him, a moment to keep in her heart forever.

A photo shows the officer crouched on one knee, her left hand placed over the little boy’s heart and her right hand placed over her own. Both officer and child have their eyes closed tight as they share their prayers for the day.

“He said, ‘I want to pray for this officer’s safety. I made a new friend; I really hope her day goes great, and hopefully she makes a lot of lives better.

The boy, the officer added, also prayed for himself as he headed to school to meet new people.

The officer returned to the bus stop that same afternoon, hoping to find the little boy who changed her day but to no avail. She hopes he, and others, know how impactful a gesture as simple as a shared prayer can be.

“Oftentimes people are thinking how can you go and help them, and it’s just nice to see he wanted to do that for me,” the officer said. “It made me really happy, and especially to see someone so young and so moldable. He just wanted to help, and he just wanted to be that positive light.”

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