Chinese Christians are Memorizing Scripture Because Communist Gov ‘Can’t Take What’s Hidden in Your Heart’ — 2019

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“If we get caught what will happen to me?” Cordeiro began by asking.

“Well you will get deported in 24 hours, and we will go to prison for three years,” the Chinese Christians responded.

He followed up by asking how many had spent time in prison, and out of the twenty-two, eighteen shared that they had been imprisoned for their faith.

“I said turn to 2 Peter 1, we are going to read it. Just then one lady handed hers to the person next to her, and I thought ‘hmm interesting,’” he shared.

Once they began reading, he quickly realized why she had given her Bible away, she had memorized the whole book.

She shared while they indeed confiscate any Christian material, people smuggle in scripture written on paper and hide it from the prison guards.

“That’s why we memorize it as fast as we can because even though they can take the paper away, they can’t take what’s hidden in your heart,” she shared with him.

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