‘Everybody Should Have God in Their Life’: This ‘Hidden Figure’ Was Key to the Space Race, and Even Made GPS Possible — 2019

Excerpts from an article on cbn.com

The space race was just taking off, and computers were the wave of the future.

“It was really an excitement, you know? They promised us that they would teach us, you know, how to communicate with this computer and all this stuff, you know,” Gladys recalled. “So, and knowing me, I was ready to work hard with it.”

And work hard she did. With the success of the space program, NASA was beginning to place satellites into orbit. Gladys was tasked to help write and program code needed to process the enormous amount of data coming in.

“I think everybody should have God in their life,” Gladys says. “I can just about see the complete circle and I can go back and I can look and see what He did and where He put me and where all along. And I would think it’s amazing that I didn’t understand it at the time, exactly what was happening, but He was there and He was doing it.”

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