Four Young Men Push Elderly Woman’s Broken Scooter Home in Storm — ‘Be a Hero for Someone’ — 2022


Caught under a black sky and pouring rain, laden with groceries and a dysfunctional scooter, one elderly Florida woman needed an everyday hero. Instead of one, she got four.

These unexpected heroes were hanging out at a 7-Eleven in Seminole County, Florida. The four young men, seasonal workers were on their break when they saw the woman in need. While others may have coveted precious break time, these men left what they were doing and pushed the elderly woman, her scooter, and her groceries uphill to her home, while shielding her from the pouring rain with an umbrella.

A neighbor witnessed the kind act from her kitchen window and left her dishes to photograph the scene. “I was moved by their effort. It was at least one-half mile from where they found her. I saw them toward the end but their smiles and laughs were contagious. They were not complaining but grateful that she was safe. To me, they are modern heroes.”

Stepping out of one’s self, away from what is convenient and comfortable for the service of another person, takes selflessness. And selflessness is the stuff of true heroes who give of themselves for the good of others. The four men, joyfully pushing the woman and her scooter up the street that day, exhibited selflessness.

The elderly woman is “very grateful” to the young men for their selfless help. “After I showed her the pictures, she was moved by their compassion. She called them ‘my angels.’”

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