Mississippi Teen Saves 4 Lives, Including Police Officer, After Car Plunges Into River — 2022

from cbn.com

A 16-year-old Mississippi teen is getting a lot of attention for his bravery after jumping into the Pascagoula River on Sunday and saving three people as their car began to sink.

In a statement released by Moss Point Police Department, Corion Evans jumped into action after he saw a vehicle carrying three females plunge into the water.

“We commend Mr. Evans’ bravery and selflessness he displayed by risking his own safety to help people in danger. If Mr. Evans had not assisted, the situation could have turned out differently, instead of all occupants being rescued safely. All part(ies) involved are doing well,” the statement reads.

The department noted that the driver claimed to be following her GPS directions before the accident happened.

Corion said he couldn’t just watch people die.

“Just seeing them in the water I was like I can’t let none of these folks die, he told CBN News. “Like, I can’t just sit here and watch them drown.”

Corion, who learned to swim at age 3, was confident he could help.

“I knew I could swim so, I knew I could do something about them being in the water. So I just ran over there, took my shirt off, my shoes off and I just jumped in.”

He even helped save Officer Garry Mercer who was attempting to rescue the victims but began swallowing water.

“I turned around I see the police officer is drowning,” explained Corion. “I’m looking at the police officer drown. And he’s going under. He’s saying ‘Help,’ you know, calling for help. I had to go back in and I had to get the police officer and then bring him back to shore.”

Corion told WLOX that getting everyone back to shore was difficult because the vehicle was 25 yards away from land. “My legs were so tired after,” he explained. “Anything could’ve been in that water, though. But I wasn’t thinking about it.”

Moss Point city officials presented Corion with a certificate of commendation for his heroism on Tuesday and commended Officer Mercer for his bravery during the rescue.

Corion was also thanked by one of the victims he saved, Cora Watson. “This man right here saved my life right before my last breath,” Watson wrote in a July 4 Facebook post. “I’m so thankful for him.”

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