South Carolina Deputy Who Saved Choking Baby Becomes Her Godfather – 2020


In a powerful moment caught on camera, South Carolina Deputy William Kimbro saved Kemira Boyd’s choking daughter during a traffic stop in 2019. As a result, this week he became Ryleigh’s godfather, making the encounter a “life-long bond” for both of them, Fox News reported.

“It’s wonderful. … I’m so happy and just blessed. It’s the world to me,” Kimbro told “Fox & Friends First” about the honor, while proudly holding a new coffee mug, which read, “Godfather of Ryleigh.”

Boyd expressed her gratitude during the televised story.

Him helping out my daughter, I felt like I could not just let him go. … He’s a part of my heart. Thank you, thank you so much.”

In a similar story that occurred in Palmdale, California, a video surveillance camera recorded a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy saving an unresponsive baby from choking during a Black Lives Matter protest.

The 11-month-old boy’s mother and another woman were attending the protest on May 31 in Palmdale, California, when the baby became despondent, lost consciousness and stopped breathing, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

The women ran across a supermarket parking lot to a group of sheriff’s deputies who were monitoring the protest from across the street, reported NBC News.

In the video, Deputy Cameron Kinsey runs toward the women when he realized they were in distress. The mother handed the limp child to Kinsey and after assessing the baby, the sheriff’s department said he “administered a mouth sweep with his finger and dislodged vomit.”

The baby began to breathe again to the relief of everyone there.

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