US Missionaries Ambushed, Saved by Mysterious Man on Motorcycle — 2019

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“About four hours or three and a half hours outside of Port-Au-Prince, we came upon a gang of people that were stopping traffic,” Chalker said. “We were the first ones to hit it because we were the only ones there.”

“The truck was just totally swarmed with men with guns and weapons. And they were pounding on the windows trying to break all the windows to get in,” said team member Jackie Brandon.

“One man’s standing there with his gun and he has two white lines down his cheek and to his chin. And it reminded me of voodoo,” she said.

“It was when I saw a rifle come around the side. We thought they were going to execute everybody. So I started reversing and Doug’s yelling, ‘go, go go!’ and as I’m reversing that’s when we started hearing the guns firing that were pointed at us.”

Pasler said, “Maybe thirty seconds later after they’d taken my cell phone, I could see that they had my bag out of the truck, a man on a motorcycle just kind of pulled out of nowhere in front of me. And he looked at me and said ‘it’s okay, it’s going to be okay.’ in perfect English.”

“Not even yelling,” Pasler continued. “Just kind of a regular talking voice. He said something in Creole, two to three words, and everybody around us that had the guns just kind of stopped.”

“Everything changed,” Brandon said. “The whole demeanor of the crowd just stood back. I don’t know what they saw, but they stepped back and the tension was gone.”

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